I’m from a small village in the Southern region of India, Kerala. I was stolen from my family when I was seven years old. I was sold into slavery and taken to another state, where I did not know the language. It was all unfamiliar to me, disorienting. I was terrified. A little girl with no one to answer her questions or dry her tears, abandoned and alone.

By the age of eight I was near death. I had been beaten, starved and tortured in order to get me to submit to the will of my owner and master. When I was no longer of use to my slave owner I was sold into illegal adoption.

My adoptive Mother was from Washington and  thought that she was getting an orphan from India.  She was shocked and unprepared for my condition when I arrived. As I slowly began to heal, my life's goal of helping others in my situation came into focus.

Through my nonprofit foundation, public speaking, fundraising and consultancy work I continue the pursuit of that goal everyday.

I’m here as proof that love can heal.

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